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Sun Belt Conference Media Day

Updated: Wednesday, July 23 2014, 01:08 AM EDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WPMI) Tuesday New Orleans is hosting the Sun Belt Conference Media Day. It's an opportunity for the 11 football teams in the conference to meet the press.

Head coach Joey Jones and his guys say they have some big goals in mind for this season.

South Alabama is entering its second full year in division I football and the Sun Belt Conference. At Tuesday's media day the highest goals were the ones the Jags set for themselves.

"Sun Belt Title or bust man. Me and Maleki were talking about that earlier. In my opinion it's either that, or you know that's what I want for our team," said Offensive Lineman Chris May.

Coach Jones is excited to see where the program is headed.

"Talent-wise we're starting to get closer. You know two years ago we weren't quite Division I yet and I felt like our talent wasn't there. Probably last year was much closer and probably getting to the point now we're at least comparable to the other teams in the league but it all comes down to how you play. Talent only does so much. You gotta play well to win football games," said Coach Jones.

His players say they are taking it one game at a time but their goal is clear.

"We wanna be known as the team that runs the Sun Belt and the only way you can do that is by winning the Sun Belt. And we have to get the first one now and that's our goal this year to get the first one," said Linebacker Maleki Harris.

Regardless of wins and losses, South Alabama will take another step this year when for the first time in program history an SEC school, Mississippi State, comes to play in Mobile.

The players appear confident that their wins are soon coming.

Local 15's Pat Greenwood chatted with the Local 15 Today team during our 6:30 a.m. half hour Tuesday from the SBC Media Day. CLICK HERE to hear from him.

Sun Belt Conference Media Day
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