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Mobile Soccer Team Eyes Major Goal

Updated: Wednesday, June 18 2014, 12:09 AM EDT
Mobile Soccer Team Eyes Major Goal story image
MOBILE, Ala (WPMI) After going undefeated this season to win the State Cup, a local soccer team is using the excitement of the World Cup and success of the U.S. national team as motivation heading into its own important match this weekend.

The Mobile Bay Football Club has let little stop its run of victory, despite what critics think of soccer in the Port City.

"Everyone discounts Mobile teams, basically because we don't have the facilities as others do," parent Lisa Maier said.

The purpose of any great soccer match is breaking the barrier between a team and its goal.

The team has moved between various fields to practice because of their conditions. At Cottage Hill Park, some parents have even gone so far as to mow the field themselves because its become so overgrown.

"Sometimes I can't even see the children's feet," Maier said.

"It's kind of hard because passing and shooting and trying to dribble, [the ball] gets stuck in the grass," Landon Clarke said.

With this team though, there's no time to get stuck.

The regional match-up it's set to play in Baton Rouge this weekend happens to be on the same weekend where the US team will look for its second World Cup win this year in a Sunday match against Portugal.

One team's momentum is another team's motivation.

"Not on l did it pull their team together, it pulled Americans together as well for the sport of soccer," team captain Alex Wichmann said.

"If we play the way we keep playing, we might -some of us- might be able to go on the U.S. National team," Clarke added, "It kind of inspires us."

Although the younger players have their favorites, like Germany and Brazil, to win the World Cup, they still have a soft spot for the underdog.

"The U.S. Men's team has always been the underdogs," Maier said, "With us being from Mobile, the rest of the state doesn't really take us as seriously."

Perhaps they will now as both teams are that much closer to reaching their goal.

"Seeing our nation win makes us feel like we can win too, whether it's on the same level or not."Mobile Soccer Team Eyes Major Goal
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