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Fishing the Coast: Relax and Fish

Updated: Wednesday, August 27 2014, 10:22 PM EDT
Fishing the Coast: Relax and Fish story image
If you love to get out there and drop a line in the water, then  you know fishing is a great way to relax. Some even call it an art form. Fishing also has a lot to do with science.

Fishermen have long been a great source of information to those who study the behaviors of fish. There is no better example of a great partnership between fisherman and scientist than the Billfish Foundation's Tagging Program.

Billfish are caught all around the world and tagged with special tags. Once a fish is tagged, the fisherman provides information to the Billfish Foundation, such as where and when the fish was caught, the size of the fish and its condition upon release.

Then when the fish is caught again, that fisherman removes the tag and provides the information to back to the Billfish Foundation. The data gathered from recaptured Billfish provides valuable scientific data to further understand growth rates, migratory patterns, habitat utilization, and post-release survival rates.

More that 15,000 Billfish are tagged every year around the world and every one helps to learn more about these magnificent creatures.Fishing the Coast: Relax and Fish
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