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Experian Credit Data Breach

Updated: Monday, July 28 2014, 06:36 AM CDT
Target hack victims were directed to Experian for protection, but if you think credit bureaus are safe from data breaches, think again.

During that recent data breach with Target, the company lost data on 110 million customers. It sent them to Experian for identity theft protection. But it turns out Experian, one of the big three credit bureaus, had its own data leak.

One of Experian's subsidiaries accidentally sold the personal data of millions of Americans to a fraudster in Vietnam. Then that guy sold the information to identity thieves around the world.

The leak was plugged before Target sent victims to Experian. But it shows that even companies we expect to protect us from data theft have problems keeping our information safe.

In Experian's case, the Vietnamese fraudster tricked the company by posing as a private investigator in Singapore. This happened more than a year ago, but Experian has stayed quiet about the details. A spokesperson called it "an unfortunate and isolated issue."

Target and Experian both say the credit monitoring service is unrelated to the incident involving Experian's data selling business.Experian Credit Data Breach

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